Leavenworth Community Workspace
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The heart and soul of a Community ARE its people

The very same can be said for the members of our Community Workspace! Explore our current members to find out who they are and what they do. Many of our members are self-employed or small business owners who use our workspace as a place to grow their business. Don't be afraid to contact and collaborate with them -- they play a key role in the entrepreneur-like ecosystem we have created here at the Workspace.

To read more about each member, click on their picture below.

Other Current Members

  • Alison Homer
  • Chris Lubenow
  • Corrine Hoffman
  • Hans Slette
  • Jen Saugen
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • Jesse Wilkinson
  • Jessica Alderson
  • Keith Maehlum
  • Kelly Kriska
  • Lenora Brown
  • Lisa Ravenel
  • Masaharu Miyamoto
  • Michelle Gonya
  • Paul Sozio
  • Perry Azevedo
  • Sara Goodwin